How Caroline Entered The World

On November 16, my wife and I entered the hospital at 6am so that she could be induced. Over 20 hours later, Caroline was born on November 17 2016 at 2am. Seemingly healthy and strong with all of her digits and senses in working order. A few hours later, a nurse would rush her out of the room and into the NICU.

That was my first taste of parenthood. A chapter in my life that I was always eager to flip to. And now that I'm about 9 pages into it (Caroline is 9 months old today!), I'd say it was totally worth the wait. 

Don't be fooled by her cute smile. She will EAT YOUR HEART

Don't be fooled by her cute smile. She will EAT YOUR HEART

Like a living Disney cartoon, Caroline is full of character. She pokes at me with curiosity, seeing what sort of reaction she can get. She bangs at various objects with her hands, testing the sound waves and laughing at every output to her input. In the morning, she awakes in her crib, talking to herself and patiently waiting for her parents to come get her. And just like her papa, she is a human garbage disposal, eating everything thrown at her with a ferociousness one must see to believe.

Caroline's one year birthday is quickly approaching and I am so excited to have a daughter who is growing up fast. I keep hearing other parents lament on how they don't want their kids to grow, but I feel the opposite. I'm more excited to have her come into her own, using her own logic and reasoning to dispute anything I say. When that day comes, I will be so proud of her.

Until then, my most proudest moment so far, the one thing that Caroline does that makes all of the bad times in the NICU worth it:

When I'm just minding my own business, not really paying much attention to her, she will crawl over to me and grab my hand. That single touch, having her grab my fingers with her hand unprompted, is such an amazing feeling.