My Journey Into Minimalism: Part 1

About four years ago, I first heard of Minimalism on a design blog that focused on products with a minimal aesthetic. The aesthetics of which were my first step into the world of Minimalism. I quickly learn of people who rejected large houses and built their own Tiny Homes. Then of nomads who traveled the world on little more than a backpack of stuff. And somewhere in between the aesthetics and the nomads is my comfy definition of minimalism. 

Removing the clutter to reveal the beauty underneath. This involves getting rid of possessions I long thought I needed to be happy. These possessions I learned, were holding me back. 

Think about this, we live in an age where we are bombarded with advertisements from every which direction. Telling us that we need the next big thing. And what happens if we don't get the next big thing? Then we are losers and outsiders.

I myself have fallen victim to this. Being a lover of technology and design, I always see a shiny new toy that I want. But as I made more money and bought more stuff, my happiness didn't increase along with the amount of stuff I now own. And then, it all came to a crashing halt when I came home one day to find that I've been robbed. Victim of a burglary. Everything gone.

At first, I was sad but once I came to accept that I would never see any of those things again, I became liberated. And then you know what happened next? I went right back to working hard so that I can re-acquire those things I had lost. I was such a fool. 

But after reading some blogs and watching documentaries on Tiny Homes, I fell in love with the small things in life. That later evolved into my love of less. Less space, less clutter, and less worry.

You see, I broke myself from the cycle of buying the next big thing and that opened up my life to other possibilities. I can now save more money than I've ever been able to before. That allowed me to put my money towards the things that matter to me. Creating great memories with my family through travel and fun experiences. 

Now I look around and I see people who were just like me. Working endlessly to put themselves in debt so that they can buy more of the same stuff they've already owned a dozen times before, but this time with a shinier coat of paint. Taking out large mortgages in order to buy a house big enough to fill it with more stuff. More stuff, more debt, and more worry. Eventually, all this stuff just piles up until it makes its way to a landfill.

The solution to all of this is Minimalism.
In recent times, I'm beginning to see Millennials rejecting the idea of non-stop consumption and replacing it with their own idea of Minimalism. This can only be a good thing. So join me in my journey to minimalism as I try my hardest to spread the message of less. And as I try to work it into my life even as I begin to grow my family from two to three! Hit the subscribe button below to get notified of part 2 of my journey into Minimalism.