One Year Into Marriage

A few weeks ago I celebrated my one year anniversary being married to the most wonderful girl in the world. Kelly Lieu. 

For our honeymoon a year ago we went on a cruise, both of us for the first time. It seems only fitting that we would spend our first anniversary in a cabin on the side of a mountain, again a first. Our week filled with hiking adventures and heavy mouthbreathing owed to our small Floridian hearts.

It was a wonderful week to cap off the first amazing year of marriage. Looking back, Kelly and I made some tough decisions that will shape our future for decades to come. We decided to move into a small house, opting to live a minimalist lifestyle with little possessions. We decided to put most of our money into savings for multiple vacations throughout the year as well as for an early retirement. And most important, we decided to try for a baby just in time for our anniversary. (Kelly's two months pregnant now!)

Every moment of my every day is made better by spending it with my wife. No matter the activity, I'd much rather be doing it with her by my side than to do it alone. And that is the best gift she has given me. Her time.

If you find a person that is willing to prioritize their time with you over everything else, then do yourself a favor and PUT A RING ON IT.

This next year coming up will be a hectic one. We've got a baby due around November so we've got to babyproof the house and decorate the baby's room. All while trying to stay on budget and still be able to enjoy our mini-vacations. 

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