My Journey Into Minimalism: Part 2

Read Part 1 First!

Every time I hear the buzz on my phone for a notification, I have a little fight in my head. Do I check it? Is it rude for me to be looking at my phone right now? What if it's nothing? What if it's an emergency? But truthfully, there are rarely if ever an emergency. 

App developers and cell phone makers, they know how to get to us. They know that we can't help but check our phones constantly. And it's not just the notifications either.

At any given moment we can be mindlessly scrolling through a variety of feeds. Whether it's a news feed, RSS feed, Facebook feed, online forum, or any other number of social medias. We are just mindlessly scrolling!

Well, I say no more. As of today, I'm decluttering my cell phone. I started by deleting any app on my cell phone that I haven't used in the last 3 months (sorry Reddit and Facebook, but ya'll are eating up all of my free time) Then I went into each app that I do use and turned off 99 percent of the notifications. Finally, I put the phone on mute. No ringing, dinging, or buzzing. I check the phone when I want. And you know what else? I sold my smart watch.

The smart watch made it so that every time my wrist vibrated, I glanced down and looked at it. Usually, while I'm in the middle of a conversation with someone. Plus, having to worry about my watches battery life every day just seems odd to me.

My Homescreen now only has two camera apps and the phone app. All other apps will require me to go into the app drawer and scroll through in order to get to. This bit of inconvenience should help me from mindlessly opening an app when I'm bored.

I do all of this in hopes to be more productive in life. Just another way of using minimalism to better my life.