Why I'm Excited To Have a Daughter

All my life I've wanted to be a father.

I look at the world and see a biased system that's set up against many groups of people. The biggest of these groups being women. A little over half of the world's population are looked upon as the weaker gender. Many of us aren't even aware that we are biased against women.

Whether it's men towards women or even women towards other women, society has constructed a sort of double language that seems to treat women more negatively than men. For example, when a male leader gives strict orders, he's viewed as a great leader who knows what he wants. But when a female leader gives strict orders, she is often times described as bossy. That is bullshit.

Now think of the movies that are released every year. An overwhelming number of them stars a male in the lead role and the females role can mostly be described as "love interest". Like some sort of prize for the male protagonists to earn. That is bullshit.

The list of social issues that women have against them goes on and on. But I'm not really an expert so I won't list them all here. Point is, I've been looking forward to being a father so that I can help raise a strong girl that doesn't fit into any of the social constructs that society says a woman needs to be in.

How exactly will I go about doing that?

1. I'm going to encourage her sense of curiosity. All too often, boys are encouraged to go out and explore and experiment, whereas girls are kept in and taught to fear exploration and the outside world.

2. I'm going to encourage her to play with all kinds of toys. I've noticed that so call girl toys push them towards a social idea of what girls "do". Baby dolls prime them into the idea that they have to learn to take care of a baby. Barbie dolls with large doll houses and cool cars teach them to be materialistic and gives them a wrong impression of an "ideal" body. Even harmless toys like a fake vacuum cleaner stereotype them into being the one who cleans. Instead, I'm going to allow my daughter to play with all sorts of toys that stimulate her mind.

3. I'm going to encourage her to read books outside of her grade level. Too often we put things into children categories and adult categories, arrogantly thinking that there's no way a child could understand the subject when in reality, children understand as much as we explain to them.

This small list is more of a guideline and not necessarily a rulebook that we must follow to a tee. After all, we make the rules and therefore we can change and adapt them as the situation calls for.

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