5 Bullet Sunday #2

1. A picture of Caroline taken 5 minutes ago.


2. What quote am I keeping in mind this week?

  • "Behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes." -Jim Carrey

3. What one thing did I accomplished last week that I am most proud of?

  • I finally closed on my Condo! Now to get it all fixed up and looking like a minimalist's wet dream.

4. What one meal did I enjoy most last week?

  • On Wednesday Kelly and I went to The Bearded Pig, this great BBQ place here in Jacksonville, and I got the Poutine along with Just One Rib. It's the only place where I can actually just get one rib along with whatever else I want to eat. The Poutine is just loaded with fatty meats and cheeeeeeese. Delicious.

5. What am I looking forward to most this week?

  • I'm launching a giveaway for my coffee business, Creative Coldbrew in hopes of getting more email subscribers in time for the first batch of inventory launch in March! Keep an eye out on this blog for more info later this week!